Chrystal’s Healing Hands

If you own horses and or ride, at some point you may have wondered about some quirky behavior like:

  • “why is my horse doing that with his head”?
  • “why is my horse so sensitive around the girth/ cinch area?”
  • “why does my horse fall in on a circle and corners.”
  • “why does my horse not stretch their neck down?”
  • “why does my horse not like getting brushed?”

Or, maybe something like he doesn’t go forward or, she doesn’t travel straight or maybe you notice that one side ‘tracks up’ but the other doesn’t.

Or even that your horse doesn’t like getting caught when you want to go

A lot of the time, there are reasons and explanations for a lot of these “behaviors” and a lot of them can be solved with therapeutic techniques like chiropractic, rolfing, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs, massage, equine body work and through energy healing hands


Hi, I’m Chrystal and I can help improve your horses way of going, their overall sense of well being and ease their frustrations at not being “heard”, through my “Energy, Healing Hands”.

Just to be perfectly clear, my methods of healing energy and ideas are not a substitute for professional veterinary treatments but rather a compliment to them.

I focus on Energy Healing and Equine Massage techniques.

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Full Body Equine Massage
Chrystal Massaging Clients Horse
Chrystal Working on Clients Horse