Chrystal Riding Grey

I’ve been working with horses for over fifty years. My ever increasing horse passion started when I was nine. I enjoyed many different disciplines from Gymkhana, showing both English and Western classes, Dressage, Reining and Natural Horsemanship.

For twenty years I developed and managed a successful equine breeding program. Owning so many horses over the years provided ample opportunity to solve problems and injuries and learn how to treat not only physical injuries but also energy and emotional injuries.

My own horses were my best teachers for developing my sensitivities to their energies, their way of “speaking” and their telepathic abilities to communicate opened up my senses.

I realized I needed to gain a deeper understanding, so I ventured forward to learn more about alternative medicines and how they applied to horses.

” I discovered I had an incredible gift.”

My first course for certification was a “Practical Lameness Therapy” course with Dr. PJ Lenhard. In this 200 hours / year of study, with over 400 hours of hands on practicum is where I discovered I had an incredible gift.

I realized early on that not only was I able to feel the energy from the horses but that I could also send energy back to them. Somehow I knew intuitively knew where a specific issue was located in the horses muscles, joints and how it was affecting their movement and even their personality.

This realization set me on a path of further studies of horse massage, body talk, and body talk fundamentals & access for both people and animals, homeopathy, healing herbs, re-connective healing, energy healing and even animal communication.

I continue to learn and hone my skill with a series of certification course including massage, kinesiology, cranial/scaral and ANMR (Animal Neuro-myofascial Release) body alignment.

Over the years I developed a very good eye for seeing, feeling and sometimes even hearing the message from the horses “as to what was amiss” when the horse moved or when being ridden.

The “feelings” and answers to the horses problems were very clear to me, but I didn’t really know how to explain to the owners how I knew.

Years ago individuals would think I was making it up and that I was full of “hogwash” “poppycock” “twaddle” and yes, even “horsefeathers”.

Over the last ten years there has been more study and more scientific evidence of Quantum energy fields. Even in just the last five years, the understanding that we are all made of energy resonating at different frequencies is quickly becoming acceptable and mainstream.

When I was first getting started, most of my clients were horses that had longtime injuries . In the beginning, I was often called upon as a last ditched effort to try and help a physically and emotionally injured horse. I’m grateful that the owners reached out to me, even as a last hope, to make a difference in their horses lives. It was a courageous move but one that had very positive results.

This scientific evidence is making it so much easier for the owners and care givers to understand my ideas and intuition about how to help their horses.


There is a shift of consciousness now of how beneficial healing energy can be both after an injury and as preventative treatments.

Are these healing energies new? No. What is changing is the individuals perception of alternative therapies. This stuff is real, not just fiction.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to prevent a chronic lameness or serious debilitating ailment from manifesting to the point of becoming un-rideable.

If these treatments are available, why not make use of them so that you, the horse owner, can have piece of mind you did right for your horse.

With my hands on healing sessions and routine care, I believe I can reduce problems and improve your horses over health and well-being. I know, if your horses are happier, the relationship and emotional connection you strive for will improve. I believe I can help facilitate this.

My goal is to help as many horses and their owners as I can in the months and years ahead.

We can work together to make it better for your horse. Thank you for your trust and welcoming me into your world.