2022 Rates:

I will travel to where your horse is.
This is referred to as a “home visit

Other locations may be available by special request.

# Service options Rates:
A Equine assessment and plan  $150
B Follow up visit $100

Travel Fees from Hazelton BC:

Rates are calculated at $0.60/ km  round trip.

  • example: round trip from Hazelton to Smithers via BC-16:  149.4 km   (74.7 km one way)     149.4km x $0.60 = $89.64

Travel fees can be shared by two or three horse/customers per day

Travel fees will be determined at the time of booking.

(Prices subject to change without notice)

Energy Healing & Massage Sessions

Energy Healing & Massage sessions include:

  • Consultation with Guardian of horse
  • Physical Assessment of horse and movement
  • Grounding exercise with Guardian
  • Energy Healing  and Massage

Services Engagement form
Services Engagement form.

Use this handy Services Engagement form. This form will guide Chrystal to know where your horse needs help and provides a record of the session so further sessions can be followed up if deemed necessary.

Download Engagement Info. form.