Horse with Broken Hip
Horse with Broken Hip
Client Horse 'Cisco' Before and After treatments
Before and After treatments

Chrystals healing hands has been life changing for our horse, Cisco. He fractured his pelvis and his muscles had atrophied to the point that we thought we may need to put him down.

A good friend put us in touch with Chrystal’s healing hands. Within a few months Cisco was a new horse.

Cisco’s now walking on all four legs, his muscling is back, his back end is almost level again.

He will never be a performance horse but these ladies truly saved his life.

We are forever grateful for their knowledge, patience and time on Cisco.

While Chrystal has gained a tremendous amount of technical knowledge about the horses bone structure, muscle & meridian systems and more through hours of study, she offers another element that cannot be learned from books.

Chrystal’s unique ability to “feel” where a horse may have a muscle knot or a subtle joint misalignment and to “read” the horses emotions, goes beyond anything that one can learn from textbooks.

OTTB waiting for massage treatments

I still need Chrystal’s help to put “Reno’s” hip back “in” again and again over the next few months while his weak muscles strengthen, I know that he would not have been able to get over some of those emotional blocks that were ruling his mind and muscles without her help.

Both “Reno” and I are truely greatful for your innate skill.

Thank you from my heart.

Clare Hobson
EC Equestrian Coach Specialist